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Agaram Diagnostics Is An NABL and ICMR Approved Laboratory located in Coimbatore, India

It is now equipped with Newly Advanced Molecular Biology And Bio-Chemistry Departments. We offer home sample collection service to our customers. We provide a wide range of tests and diagnostic services with hi-precision and timely results.


The professional team of experts

We take pride in our highly capable and multifaceted team that consists of extensively qualified professionals including clinicians, medical scientists, phlebotomists, laboratory technicians, technical assistants and many more. They facilitate in delivering hi-precision results through their extensive medical & scientific expertise and experience.



Being the study of chemical and biochemical components of the body, Biochemistry can help in preventing, diagnosing and managing the disease by understanding the underlying causes and symptoms.


Diagnosis of many diseases including diabetes, cardiac arrest, impotence, thyroid issues, cystic fibrosis and meningitis can be done through examining the body fluids namely blood, urine and CSF.

At Agaram diagnostics, the Clinical Biochemistry division boasts of featuring state-of-the-art equipment and technology. We provide extensive clinical laboratory and diagnostic services in this domain encompassing therapeutic drug monitoring, endocrinology, clinical chemistry, and clinical toxicology. This department is responsible for carrying out a range of tests like identification of hemoglobin Variants, quantification of HbA1c, etc.


The Clinical Pathology department in Agaram Diagnostics deals in understanding the pathology of a disease through diagnosis from laboratory testing of bodily fluids(blood, urine, CSF & others), tissues and microscopic evaluation of cells. 

Through its state-of-the-art computerized technology and automated equipment, this  department offers hi-precision diagnostic services and it also owns a wide range of point-of-care equipment to facilitate specimen collection and testing right in the ICUs and ORs.


The Hematology department at Agaram Diagnostics deals with the diagnosis of blood related disorders like blood deficiencies, genetic defects, anemia, leukemia and clotting abnormalities. Built with an excellent equipment base, we offer a wide range of tests for the diagnosis and treatment of blood disorders and bone marrow. 


This department’s equipment base comprises automated cell counters, coagulometers, flow cytometers, etc. which help in offering a number of comprehensive tests for diagnosis of identifying bleeding disorders, all types of hypercoagulability disorders and many more.


The Immunology laboratory tests at Agaram Diagnostics is responsible for the diagnostic services for several immunological and infectious diseases.

This department possesses highly efficient and automated Assay systems that provides tests for allergen sensitivity, autoimmune diseases, infectious disease and HIV serological testing. Capable of performing a wide array of assays, these tests aid in diagnosis, management and analysis of several immunological conditions.

Through its state-of-the-art computerized technology and automated equipment, this  department offers hi-precision diagnostic services and it also owns a wide range of point-of-care equipment to facilitate specimen collection and testing right in the ICUs and ORs.


The Microbiology Laboratory of Agaram Diagnostics deals with offering diagnosis of various infectious diseases and disorders  to aid in their prevention and treatment. This is done through tests that identify and quantify the presence of pathogenic microbes including viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. These tests employ techniques like microscopy for identification, isolation on culture media, antibody detection, etc.

This department also offers Antimicrobial susceptibility tests which are done on isolates to figure out the most effective antibiotic to be employed in the course of a treatment.


Molecular Biology is the study of macromolecules such as proteins and nucleic acids which are essential to life and it helps in understanding the biological composition and structure. Identifying the genetic composition of a patient helps in understanding his/her vulnerability to a disease, the likely responses to a suggested alternative treatment.  

Our team at Agaram Diagnostics, with its extensive experience and expansive expertise,  always updates itself with the latest advancements and breakthroughs in the Molecular Biology field to employ the latest advancements in the existing programs in the field of pathology and its management through hi-precision and swifts diagnosis.


Serological studies help in the diagnosis of viral infections, bacterial infections and other microbial or pathogenic infections. 


Agaram Diagnostics is well equipped with latest technology and instruments that help in testing for blood-borne pathogens, examining blood specimens for preventable diseases through vaccination, animals to humans transmitted diseases and mosquito-borne diseases.


We strive for hi-precision results through quality control by making use of the latest technologies to increase reliability and avoid the chances of human-error.

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